Financial Center Manager

Ala Nagherneac, Berkshire Bank

Success Stories: Ala Nagherneac

Ala was born and raised in Moldova, a small Eastern European country where she grew up surrounded by warm and kindhearted people who showed her the benefits of having great values and how those can impact one’s happiness. She moved to the United States of America ten years ago and began her banking career two years after first arriving in the country.

Ala’s banking career started as a teller in drive-up, yet every chance she had to learn more and ask for additional opportunities and responsibilities, she did so. While at the beginning of her career, it took her a little extra time to learn about policies and procedures, she found colleagues who were helpful and knowledgeable and always ready to help and see her grow. Within five years of working as a teller, Ala became a Financial Center Manager.

“One magnificent gift about the banking world is that you can choose so many paths along the way to grow, and once you express your interest and your goals, you will receive the support you need along the way.”

Ala is fluent in Romanian, Russian, and English. During her eight years of banking experience, she was able to assist multiple Russian-speaking customers with banking questions and requests. Having the extra skills of speaking other foreign languages is always a benefit to bankers as they build relationships with customers and help them with their financial needs.

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