AVP, Deposit Operations Manager

Gregory Clifton, Centreville Bank

Success Stories: Gregory Clifton

After graduating, Gregory’s banking career started in 2018  as a banker at a Centreville Bank branch. While at the branch, Gregory learned about banking fundamentals and became interested in the operational side of running a bank.  In 2019, he became a specialist within the Deposit Operations office, where he was promoted to Team Lead in 2020 and then to AVP Deposit Operations Manager in 2022. 

As a Deposit Operations Manager, Gregory works directly with the Retail team and provides them with the support needed to assist our customers in achieving their financial success. His team offers solutions to the retail team when customers inquire about issues they may need assistance with. 

“Centreville Bank is a very community-focused bank, which is one reason I enjoy working here. They invest and give back to their community and their employees. I have built many meaningful relationships at the bank, which has provided me with many opportunities for growth. It is easy to connect and collaborate with anyone regardless of where in the bank they work, and I have learned a lot from my colleagues.”

When Gregory began working at Centreville, he was vocal about his want to help the bank grow from an operational standpoint and eventually perform in a leadership position. He believes that due to being vocal and advocating for himself, his mentors and other bank leaders pushed and exposed him to different tasks and projects that have allowed him to grow and get to where he is now.  “My advice is never to be afraid of discussing your passion and dreams; vocalizing your dreams will allow you to connect with individuals who can make those dreams a reality.”

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