AVP, Small Business Relationship Manager

Marcos Ribeiro, Centreville Bank

Success Stories: Marcos Ribeiro

Marcos entered the banking industry in 2012 as a bank teller and realized that he genuinely enjoyed working with customers, building new relationships, and uncovering ways to help with their financial goals. In 2020, he joined Centreville Bank as a Retail Business Development Specialist, and earlier this year was promoted to Assistant Vice President and small Business Relationship Manager in the growing Commercial Lending team.

For Marcos, “building a career in the banking industry has provided many lessons and experiences. Working hard, creating professional goals, and maintaining a clear vision of what steps to take to achieve your goals are especially important. Mentors have also been instrumental in supporting and guiding me in the right direction. In fact, I still maintain relationships with my mentors, who gifted me their time, guidance, and constant support in my banking journey.”

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