VP Business Services Officer

Ingrid Rodriguez, HarborOne Bank

Success Stories: Ingrid Rodriguez

Ingrid came to the U.S. at the age of nineteen from a small humble town in Dominican Republic. Since she was fourteen years old, she began working in different jobs such daycare center teacher assistant, fast-food server, cashier and folding clothes, salesperson, among others. For years, she did not have a clear idea of what type of career she wanted to pursue. 

Her last job before working within the banking industry was working as a salesperson at a furniture store. Every Friday, Ingrid used to go to the bank to deposit her weekly paycheck and she constantly admired the well dressed and well educated bankers. It was then that she realized that they too, were salespeople like her, but instead of selling comfortable sofas, they sold financial products. 

Today she is VP Business Services Officer at HarborOne where she focuses on guiding, assisting, and advising business owners with their current and future working capital needs so they can grow and achieve their financial goals. 

“I love helping people. Because of my background, I have been able to connect and better understand the needs of minority small business owners and assist them in growing their businesses. My job gives me a purpose every morning, I feel I am on a mission to help others to build better lives. I love the opportunity to interact with people from different cultures, social status  and with different ideals.”

The mission of Bank Forward is to empower individuals who may have felt that a career in banking was out of reach.

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